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August 25, 2006:
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Bob Morley (Robert J. Morley)
Sequence Biostratigrapher

He was born in Suffolk, United Kingdom.

His first degree in Geography from Hull University and the second degree in Palynology also from Hull University, United Kingdom. His thesis was on Quaternary Palynology of Sumatra and Malaysia and as a student; he spent six months working in the jungle of Sumatra.

He was joined Robertson Research International in 1974, initially in UK, then 1976 in Singapore, where he eventually became Head of Biostratigraphy. In 1980, he returned to UK, where later he took responsibility for Biostratigraphy from West Africa. In 1987, he set up Biostratigraphy Unit in Jakarta for PT Robertson Utama Indonesia.

In 1989, he left Robertson Group to join British Geological Survey on an Overseas Development Agency sponsored project to set up a Biostratigraphy Lab for Lemigas in Jakarta, Indonesia.

In 1992, he set up a partnership company with Santi, working the under name of PALYNOVA which is now a limited company.

He has written over 60 papers on Quaternary and Tertiary Palynology, and also a book of The Evolution of Tropical Rain Forest.

Santi Morley (Harsanti P. Morley)
Geologist & Palynologist

She was born in Lombok Island, Indonesia.

Her first degree in Geology from Trisakti University, Indonesia. Her thesis was on Geology on West Sumatra and as a student she spent 3 months working in the jungle of Sumatra. She also undertaken postgraduate research project in Palynology at Quaternary Stratigraphy Group, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. Her project was the history of vegetation and climate for Plio-Pleistocene of Java covered the period of time from 3.0 million to 1.6 million years ago.

She did various other academic researches on Quaternary Research Project in Thailand and Indonesia and also has written papers and posters in Conferences and Seminars.

She joins Bob to formed partnership in PALYNOVA, which is now a limited company.